Jean-Baptiste DEMONTE

Jean-Baptiste DEMONTE Full-Stack Web Developer - CTO
39 yo, Pourrières - France

About : « Once my engineering degree passed on 2005, I joined, a one year old startup with only one employee. I became its CTO 2 years later. I helped it to grow up til 2012. When I left, it had more than 100 employees and has been bought by Vivendi.

On july 2012, I joined Let Network France, another young startup with an extremely ambitious project: to create a new social network as Facebook is.

The Let adventure came to an end in november 2013, I now work as Freelance. »

Technical Skills

On my way, I used a lot of languages, librairies and other tools. Here is a short list of my favorites ones:


Master Degree in Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science

Master Degree in Engineering

Electronics and Computer Science

2002 - 2005 Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne

Center of Microelectronics George Charpak, Gardanne

Bachelor's Degree in computer engineering

Bachelor's Degree

Computer Engineering

2001 - 2002

St. Jerome's University, Marseille

Higher National Dipoma in industrial IT

Higher National Dipoma

Industrial IT

1999 - 2001

High School Jean Lurçat, Martigues

French High School Diploma in sciences

French High School Diploma



High School Langevin, Martigues

Work Experience

Back-end developer, CTO

Let Network France

Since July 2014

Thanks to a fundraising, the Let adventure has restarted on july 2014, with a reduced team.
I took responsibility for API developments to let the IOS team to extends the iPhone apps features, while maintaining tge web platform.

I developed differents services, in particular the private or public "chat rooms" one which allows to the users to chat like IRC does but also to share medias.

Chat Rooms #1 Chat Rooms #2

Freelance web developer

Since november 2013

As freelance, I'm involved in several projects, primarily geared towards JavaScript, HTML 5 and CSS 3 technologies.

I especially enhance my skills in Node.js and Angular.js

Senior Web Developer

Let Network France

July 2012, November 2013

Available on Web, IOS and Android, Let is a social network like Facebook with a focus on medias sharing.
The Let team was composed by 15 people specialised: 1 Web, 1 Android, 2 IOS, 3 servers, 2 ITs and the rest in marketing, design and QA.

I fully developed the Web client which is a Single Page Application using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript technologies.
It's powered by MVP framework closed to Backbone JS that I coded from scratch.

Server side is powered by Python, I especially coded the first version of the mediabox which is a server dedicated to the media storage.

April 2014
November 2013

Web developer then CTO

Digitick SA

September 2005, July 2012 (7 years - 5 years as CTO)

Digitick is the french leader on online ticketing for concerts, sport matches, museums...

I joined when it was a startup with only one employee. When I left it, it had became a group with 2 companies bought (ZePass and Satori) and more than 100 employees.

I developed or managed the development of many features and services for and its hundred of clients like Eiffel Tower,...


During 5 years (from sept. 2007 to aug. 2012), I let a team from 12 to 20 engineers on Web technologies.
I was technologically responsible for the entire development area, I worked closely with the IT and other department heads.
One of the most difficult task was to deal with extremely short deadline projects, indeed, the Events (concerts, sports...) world is a surprising completely disorganized world.
I had to manage various backends, data analysis and extremely specifics external interfaces, but always extending our stable platform.


Here are some of my biggest projects:

I developed / managed a huge part of our white label e-ticketing solution.
The fifth version of this solution is powering e-ticketing such as the official one of the Eiffel Tower, 24H du Mans, L'Arena... This solution allows designers to provide a new white label e-ticketing in maximum 2 days focusing on its CSS.

Eiffel Tower 24H du Mans Olympique Lyonnais

I developed the prototype of a ticketing spot, as a JavaScript Single Page Application to answer the call for tenders of the Eiffel Tower (and we won !).
It's a solution which allows organizers to sell tickets at their entrances thanks to a browsers. It handles several devices (printers, LCD monitor...).
It's now deployed on many places (Eiffel tower, stadiums,...).

Ticketing spot

I developed the 3 firsts versions of the access control (embedded C in terminal, advanced MySQL schedulers and PHP Web services to generate binary data).

Cipherlab Terminal
Terminal Cipherlab
Around 1.4Mb of data
with / without WiFi
Embedded C
Guide de programation C

Digitick's back-office is a huge platform which allows events organisers to configure their sales, from the simple quota to the numbered seats of stadiums, with or without specific external interfaces.
It also provides CRM features, advanced documents generated using a visual editor in JavaScript, fine extracts, real time view of sales en entries from the access control.
It's a 8 real years of code by many developers including I.
I managed a huge part of these developments.

Back office #1 Back office #2

During this period, I have faced and passed interesting challenges on the production platform (MySQL optimisations, DB replications errors, hardware failures,...).
Working closely with the CIO was extremely formative and motivating, I really liked handling a so huge platform (10 front servers diskless, 2 NetApp, 2 DB servers...).

Working student developer

Inside Secure

September 2002, September 2005 (3 years)

Inside Secure (formerly known as Inside Technologies) is a startup developing RFID solutions (From RFID chips to end solution).
I developed internal solutions to bench chips from the PCB design and the software code to the manual user. My most interesting project was to evaluate the chips before their submission to certification, I had to analyse the ISO 15963 answers of the chips.

Personal Projects

I develop and share on my free time, here are some of my projects:

jQuery plugin for Google Maps version 3

gmap3 is a jQuery plugin which allows to use Google Maps API easily with advanced features.
I started to develop this plugin on 2010, and it is now well known and used all over the Internet, lot of integrator has included it into their websites, wordpress themes...

jQuery engine to create "coverflow""

Flow is a flexible engine which allows to create various "coverflow", carousel and other types to display pictures.
Flow is designed to allow developers to create their own display by focusing on the css management.

Library to display barcode

Barcode is a library to create 1D and DataMatrix barcode. It is available on jQuery, Prototype, PHP and Java.


Passionate programmer, I share my free time between technological watch and open-source projects.

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